The Most Valuable Vinyl Records From The ’70s


If you have a vinyl record collection from decades ago, hopefully you have kept the records in great shape! If so, you could be in possession of something valuable. When you are just beginning to collect older vinyl records, you should be on the lookout for some album titles just because of their possible value.

You can often find some records of worth at flea markets, yard sales, or thrift stores. There are plenty of the valuable records available for purchase online and in record stores, but you are likely to pay a pretty penny for many of them. Below is a list of a number of valuable record albums from the ’70s era.

The Who, Who Did It

It was hard to track down exact details about this 1971 13 track stereo compilation. It was withdrawn very soon after its issue. It apparently was only available through the Record Club. Only a small number of copies made it into circulation before the recall and then remaining copies were destroyed.

This rare compilation of previously released tracks are from side one of “A Quick One”, 1966, and side one of “The Who Sell Out”, 1967. You would have to search very hard to find a copy of this album. It is not for sure why the album was destroyed except perhaps because of the change from Track label to the Polydor label. It was not possible to track down the exact value of this album, but if you find one, it’s going to cost you!

David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World

The album was released originally by Mercury Records in 1970 with a cartoon-type cover drawing by David’s friend Michael J. Weller. This was because Mercury did not care for the cover David wanted to use of himself lying on a chaise lounge in a dress. It was released April 7, 1971, in the UK using the cover of David in the dress. Then in 1972, it was released again by RCA Records using a black and white photo of Ziggy Stardust on the cover. In releases since those days, the original UK version of David in the dress on a chaise lounge has been used.

The original UK album with the famous David in a dress on a chaise lounge is the copy that is deemed valuable. It’s true worth in excellent condition isn’t really known, but many of his works have gone up in value since his death. A good copy would likely bring hundreds if not several thousand dollars. The songs on the album include “The Man Who Sold the Moon”, “All the Madmen”, and “She Shook Me Cold”.

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon

As the seventh album by Pink Floyd, it was released on March 1, 1973. It has been one of the greatest selling albums of all time and the best selling album for Pink Floyd as well. Mental illness, greed, conflict, and death are the themes explored in the album. Two of the best songs on the album are “Money” and “Us and Them”.

The copy of The Dark Side of the Moon that is very valuable is the original UK Harvest issue that has a solid blue triangle on the labels instead of a shaded triangle that you will find on most other copies. From the value amounts of this album, it has been published that a UK Harvest sold at auction for over $500.00 dollars.

David Bowie, Diamond Dogs.

When the original album cover was released, it was not the first time there was controversy over one of Bowie’s choice of artwork. On the first cover of his album Who Sold the Moon, David appeared in a dress lying on a chaise lounge. That cover was only released in the UK. On the cover of Diamond Dogs, David appears on the cover as half man and half dogs. Since the private parts of the dog were visible, it was considered too controversial for publication. This May 24, 1974 release of this initial record sleeve didn’t last long before it was replaced with the new sleeve where the private parts had been airbrushed out.

The copies that have the original artwork are extremely rare, they are also very valuable. In 2003 a copy of the original Diamonds Dogs and the controversial cover sold for £2,930 at auction. If you happen to have this album or find one at a reasonable price, you might be a pretty lucky dog!

You might also want to double-check the collection of albums you already have and if you don’t, be on the lookout for these other albums that can be worth a good bit of money from the ’70s era!

ACDC, High Voltage

Jimi Hendrix, Electric Jimi Hendrix

Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Framed

Damned, Damned Damned Damned

Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath


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