Two brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young. One massive history that broke records globally, sporting over 200 million album sales, with over 71 million in the United States of America.

The band was founded in 1973 in Syndey, Australia, but underwent multiple changes in lineup before they they released this first album. That story has been a consistent pattern since their founding due to various reasons that plagues any organization.


Hard rock,blues rock,heavy metal,rock and roll


Only two of the bands albums didn’t make the BillBoard 200 list, and it was their first two albums which were released in Australia. The two that didn’t make the Billboard top 200 was High Voltage, and TNT. Once High Voltage was released internationally, it topped the BillBoard 200 at position 146, which was the bands first top 200 Billboard listing.


Albert Productions
East West Records
Columbia Records

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High Voltage – Release Date: 17 February 1975
T.N.T. – Release Date: 1 December 1975
High Voltage – International Release – Release Date: 14 May 1976
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Release Date: 20 September 1976
Let There Be Rock – Release Date: 21 March 1977
Powerage – Release Date: 5 May 1978
Highway to Hell – Release Date: 27 July 1979
Back in Black – Release Date: 25 July 1980
For Those About to Rock We Salute You – Release Date: 23 November 1981
Flick of the Switch – Release Date: 15 August 1983
Fly on the Wall – Release Date: 28 June 1985
Blow Up Your Video – Release Date: 18 January 1988
The Razors Edge – Release Date: 24 September 1990
Ballbreaker – Release Date: 22 September 1995
Stiff Upper Lip – Release Date: 25 February 2000
Black Ice – Release Date: 20 October 2008
Rock or Bust – Release Date: 28 November 2014

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AC/DC | Let There Be Rock (Bon Scott vocal, rhythm guitar only, drums only)


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