Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath was the English heavy metal band that began the career of vocalist Ozzy Osbourne in 1968 and it was formed by him, guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, and bassist Geezer Butler.  Their first band name was actually The Polka Tulk Blues Band, was then changed to Polka Tulk, then changed to Earth. When they figured out that they were being mistaken for another group of the same name, they decided another name change was in order. When they saw the film Black Sabbath being shown across the street from where they were rehearsing, they wrote a song of the same name. They changed their band name to Black Sabbath as a result, because they wanted to be different from the rest of the music scene of the late 1960’s, which was full of hippie, “flower power” vibes.


R&B, rock, soul, funk, gospel



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16 Yr. Old Soul – Released: 1963
The Most Exciting Organ Ever – Released: August 20, 1965
Early Hits of ’65 – Released: 15 December 1965
Wildest Organ in Town! – Released: March 25, 1966 (Mono)
March 26, 1966 (Stereo)

Club Meeting – Released: March 30, 1967
That’s The WAy God Planned It – Released: 22 August 1969 (UK)
10 September 1969 (US)

Encouraging Words – Released: September 11, 1970
I Wrote A Simple Song – Released: 8 November 1971 (US)
14 January 1972 (UK)

Music Is My Life – Released: October 8, 1972
Everybody Likes Some Kind of Music – Released: 21 September 1973
The Kids & Me – Released: May 5, 1974
It’s My Pleasure – Released: 20 June 1975 (US)
19 July 1975 (UK)

Billy Preston – Released: 19 November 1976
Billy’s Bag – Released: 1976
A Whole New Thing – Released: 14 July 1977
Late at Night – Released: 22 October 1979
Billy Preston & Syreeta – Released: 1981
The Way I Am – Released: 10 November 1981
Pressin’ On – Released: 1982
On The Air – Released: February 18, 1984
You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down – Released:
Billy’s Back – Released: 1995
You And I – Released: 2001



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