One of the coolest things to happen for music fans and musicians in recent years is that multitrack master recordings of our favorite artists have started to emerge, giving us isolated tracks.  Some are leaked from studios, some are multitrack stems that were created for video games like Rock Bandâ„¢, and some, well, we frankly don’t know where they came from.

Don’t know what isolated tracks are? Learn more here.

These are not re-recordings, these are the original artist tracks.

Isolated tracks, so you can hear every detail of the original performances.  Every subtle lick on a guitar track, breath and timbre variation on a vocal track, rim shot on the drum track, every… well you get the idea.

These multitrack master tracks are like treasures for anyone who loves to hear the individual performances by their favorite vocalists and instrumentalists.  They also allow you to peek behind the studio glass to deconstruct your favorite recordings and hear every nuance in the studio tracks (and even some strange noises at times).  For more info on what you hear on these tracks, visit our FAQ page.

If you’re like us, you’ll quickly get addicted to cruising around listening to this stuff. 

We’ve scoured the earth (and waded through tons of bad content so you don’t have to) to unearth amazing tracks that will give you a new perspective on your favorite tunes.  You can also check out our talkback section for articles about the tracks.

Enjoy, share with your friends, and please rate and comment with your thoughts…

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