Most Valuable 45 rpm Vinyl Records


Vinyl records have been around for many, many decades. People really began to collect vinyl records when RCA Victor came out with the vinyl long-playing record in 1930, otherwise known as the LP. However, when the 7 inch, 45 rpm vinyl record was invented and put into circulation around 1949, also by RCA Victor, it created an entire new craze.

In the 1950’s teenagers everywhere were desperate to get their hands on the latest 45’s by Elvis Presley and other artists that were popular in that day. The jukebox was suddenly everywhere, not just in bars and brothels where they were usually found before. The jukeboxes in diners and malt shops were the biggest draw for teens that wanted to hear their latest favorite songs over and over again and with just a few coins in their pocket, they could make it happen.

The record player was a must-have during those years, especially for teenagers, because an old phonograph wouldn’t play the new 45 records. With an inexpensive record player and with a hit pop song on a 45 rpm at the low cost of perhaps 65 cents or a little more, they could buy and play that hit song until it drove their parents crazy!

It was also not just teenagers that bought these new 45’s. There were recordings of children’s songs, classical favorites, and country music available as well. Simply said, the 45 rpm became a favorite for almost every music lover. If you collected 45’s for years or if you have decided to make it a hobby, keep in mind that many 45’s can be worth a lot of money just like the LP album collections!

Below is a list of just some of the most sought after 45’s!

Sex Pistols, “God Save the Queen”

This 45 was released in 1977 and on the flip side it had the song “No Feelings”. The Sex Pistols band signed with A&M Records in March of 1977, but it was short-lived. Only six days after the signing, A&M dropped them because of the bad behavior exhibited by the band. It is thought that only 9 promo copies were saved out of the 25,000 that were made.

Since it was released in the UK, your chances of finding one of these extremely rare copies might be better if you lived there. However, it’s entirely possible that like most things that come from the UK, they eventually make their way to the US, so keep looking. Its estimated value could be as much as $20,000 bucks in US dollars.

The Beatles, “Love Me Do”

Released on October 5th, 1962, it is thought that there were only 250 copies of this song that were made for play on the radio. This particular 45rpm was released on the Parlophone Label and has Paul McCartney’s last name misspelled.

It is said that a copy of this 45 sold on eBay for a whopping $15,000 dollars. If you have another copy of the song on a 45 in great condition without the misprint, it would still sell for around $200.00 or a little more.

The Rolling Stones, “Street Fighting Man”

This 1968 Rolling Stone 45 single could be worth as much as $18,000 dollars with the picture sleeve. The reason this 45 is more valuable than others is because of the picture on the original sleeve. It has a picture of police conducting crowd control in a heavy-handed manner as the 1968 Democratic Convention. The label was afraid that this particular sleeve could stir up more problems, so it was withdrawn right away.

Madonna, “Erotica”

Madonna has always been controversial in one way or another over her many years in the music spotlight. If you happen to have a copy of her 45 rpm of Erotica, it could be valuable if the picture on the disc is of her sucking on someone’s toes! The label at last minute decided it was too rude to put out there, so it never made it out just before it’s release in 1992. This one could be worth as much as $3,000 dollars.

The Quarrymen, “That’ll Be the Day

Before The Beatles became The Beatles, they were The Quarrymen, minus Ringo Starr. In 1958 they recorded the single “That’ll Be the Day”. Even though there is only one original acetate, it was privately reproduced in 1981 and there were only 25 copies made. One of these copies could fetch you $10,000 or more!

Here is a list of several more 45 rpm vinyl records that you should also be on the lookout for:

Nirvana – Love Buzz b/w Big Cheese – Close to $3000

Brute Force – King of Fu – Not sure of the exact value of this 45

Gorilla Biscuits – Gorilla Biscuits – Values from $100 up to $300

Wings – Love is Strange – Up to $100


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