Billy Joel


Billy Joel began his career in the band The Echoes in 1965 at the age of 16. After the band changed its name twice from the Echoes to the Emeralds, then to the Lost Souls, he decided to join the band the Hassles. The new band was signed with United Artists Records. The drummer, Jon Small, and Billy Joel left the band and formed their own duo known as Atilla. The duo split up when it was discovered that Joel was having an affair with Small’s wife, who he later married.

His first solo album was recorded by Family Productions, Cold Spring Harbour.


Rock, soft rock


Family Productions
Sony Classical

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Cold Spring Harbor – Released: November 1, 1971
Piano Man – Released: November 9, 1973
Streetlife Serenade – Released: October 11, 1974
Turnstiles – Released: May 19, 1976
The Strangers – Released: September 29, 1977
52nd Street – Released: October 13, 1978
Glass Houses – Released: March 12, 1980
The Nylon Curtain – Released: September 23, 1982
An Innocent Man – Released: August 8, 1983
The Bridge – Released: July 29, 1986
Storm Front – Released: October 17, 1989
River of Dreams – Released: August 10, 1993
Fantasies & Delusions – Released: October 2, 2001


Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (instrumental and vocal only) – Billy Joel

My Life (instrumental) – Billy Joel


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