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With more and more music lovers getting into karaoke at home, there are a wide variety of karaoke microphones available to choose from. It used to be that your microphone would have you tied to a wire that connected into an amplifier or your karaoke machine.  Going with a wireless microphone suitable for karaoke can make your karaoke experience far more enjoyable since you have the freedom to move around the room or an outdoor space instead of being chained to just a few feet.

If you don’t mind the cord, you can save some money with a quality wired karaoke microphone. Almost all karaoke systems have the needed inputs for wired, where that may not be the case for Bluetooth and wireless microphone systems. Make sure you are buying mikes or mike systems that will work with your machine.

What is even better than purchasing a single Bluetooth karaoke microphone is buying a system that has 2 microphones or even more! Below are 5 of the best picks in wireless microphone systems that you can use for karaoke at home inside or use at an event like a wedding or party that’s held outdoors.

Tonor Wireless Microphone

This system comes with 2 mics. It’s UHF and can be used for home karaoke, weddings, DJ, meetings, or a home KTV set. It has a range of 200ft and sells for about $75 bucks. The sound is very clear and pristine. The system can eliminate background noise and howling which helps it produce a fuller and more pure sound.

It has 15 adjustable frequencies per microphone with a long transmission range in open space of about 60m. without fear of interference. The microphones are all metal with a steel mesh grill which can prevent cracking unlike inferior plastic bodies and it also resists corrosion. You can utilize separate volume controls for each mic.

Operation is easy simply by turning on the receiver and microphones. However, it is not compatible with devices such as laptops, iPads, cellphones, or AV receiver. Each mic requires 2 AA batteries and they are not included. The system includes 2 mics, 1 receiver, 2 anti-slip rings, 1 6.35mm audio cable, 2 microphone covers, manual, and a 2 yr warranty card.

Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

This 2 microphone wireless system sells for about $70 and has a range of up to 80ft. Since it is UHF it will get a more reliable signal than a VHF microphone. A third microphone can be added, but purchased separately. There are separate volume controls for each mic. You will need a speaker or amplifier for sound output.

The receiver features an adjustable echo effect. It allows for mixing mic signal with music signal without using a mixer. The compact metal receiver provides a stronger anti-interference than a plastic one. The system includes the receiver, 3 audio cables, 2 microphones, and an instructional video.

Kithouse K28 Rechargeable Wireless Microphone

This dual microphone set is UHF with volume control and echo functions. There is no setup, you just plug it in and use it indoors or outdoors. One great feature is you don’t need to buy batteries because both microphones are rechargeable! Both mics have a 2200mAh 18650 rechargeable battery and the receiver has a built-in lithium rechargeable battery too. Working time is about 10 hours when all components are fully charged. You can use the dual USB for recharging.

Although the system is not meant for use with cellphones, PC’s or cameras, it can be used with outdoor karaoke speakers, PA speaker systems, and power amplifiers. The working range of the receiver and microphone is about 100ft. Frequency response is around 50Hz-18kHz; SNR >70dB; Distortion <0.5%; Latency <3ms; 10 UHF.

Pyle Professional Wireless Handheld Microphone System

Enjoy the freedom of a wireless environment and own any stage with this 2 microphone system. It is great for home Karaoke performers or on-stage singers! It has 2 mics that enjoy simultaneous use with independent volume controls. Not only great for karaoke, but also for presentations, studio performances, or just plain old vocalization.

The wireless UHF audio transmission gives an unequaled performance with operation up to 160 ft. You get clear noise and it is distortion-free. You will get crisp and clear vocals with great sound reproduction.

You can pick from 8 frequency channels with independent and adjustable volume controls providing response range and a low distortion range. These battery-operated wireless mics are designed for long use and give great audio quality.

PRORECK MX66 6-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System

If you are looking for a karaoke microphone system that allows everyone to get in on the fun, then this system just might be the one you’re looking for! It’s a professional UHF microphone system that will provide a wonderful audio signal. It is far more stable than a VHF. Connects this versatile system to most amplifiers/mixers/powered speakers on the market. The operating range is up to 200ft within line of sight.

It features separate volume controls for each mic. It has an LCD light display, RF, and AF indicators. It also features 8 kinds of EQ modes for Pop, Jazz, Country, Rock, etc. for different shows or venues.

Each microphone needs 2 AA batteries that are not included. The system comes equipped with 1 x Receiver, 6 x microphones, 1 x 6.35mm TS cable, 1 x power charger, 1 x user manual.

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