Best Bluetooth Karaoke Microphones


Whether you’re a really great singer or just average, if you love karaoke you must have a good microphone to sound your best. Although wired karaoke mikes are still the most common and lowest cost, and have been around since the beginning of modern karaoke, wireless microphones for karaoke have been around for quite some time.  Currently, the best choice in microphones is one that uses Bluetooth technology. The list below contains great choices for kids and adults alike. They have received good reviews and are all reasonably priced.

Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This is a nice microphone that you can purchase for around $30 bucks. It has a pretty decent sound for something this inexpensive. It’s great for kid parties, adult parties or if you just want it for karaoke singing by yourself anytime.

It connects by Bluetooth or with a cable if you want to use it with louder speakers or other karaoke sound systems. It has a nice sleek rounded design and comes in several colors. It can also be used as a speaker, player, and recorder. It connects easily to singing apps. It has a good Bluetooth connection range of (10m). Supporting micro SD card max 32GB, but that is not included.

Easily switch to different modes, sing, play, and record music, adjust the volume, and adjust the echo with the multi-function buttons on the front. It generally takes about two hours to charge and you can get 4 hours or more of using time from the built-in lithium battery.

Blavor Black Bluetooth Karaoke Microphones

This model has a nice round design with a leather handle and comes in black. It sells for a little less than $50. It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, YouTube broadcasting, and KTV singing. It’s usable with numerous karaoke phone apps like TikTok, Smule, Yokee, and others. It is compatible with Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablets.

The multi-function panel supports duet, manages volume, vocal, music playing, karaoke singing, and is Bluetooth connected only. It has a built-in louder speaker with a 3 layer filter to help reduce cracking and popping. It provides crisp high tones with a clear sound. The built-in 3000mah lithium battery provides up to 6 to 8 hours of using time.

Archeer UHF Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System

The cost for this 2 microphone system is generally in the range of $80 depending on where you buy it. The one drawback of this system is that the microphones are not rechargeable. They use AA batteries which are not included. This might get a little costly if used a lot, but you can purchase rechargeable AA’s which might reduce the cost in the long run. The plus side is that it does come with 2 microphones which is great for duets.

The system works at 200-599 MHz fixed frequency and has a good anti-interference performance. The dual antennas maximize the wireless signal strength to give a strong and stable wireless signal. The broad frequency response range has low distortion in order to bring you the best sound effects. The dual-channel receiver delivers loud and clear high fidelity sound. Mix the mic signal with a music signal without using a mixer. The singing range goes up to 98 ft within the line of sight. A UHF wireless mic is less likely to receive interference by outside surroundings than a VHF mic which reduces the risk of the sound being interrupted.

The system features Bluetooth 4.1. This means it enables connection to other Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops so music can be streamed wirelessly. The system also includes a 3,5mm auxiliary input jack and audio cable for use with TV, DVD, and other non-Bluetooth devices. However, Bluetooth can only be used for input, not output. Connecting a small Bluetooth speaker to this system directly would not be possible. Overall, if you are just looking for an inexpensive system to enjoy for at-home karaoke or a get together such as a wedding or party, it can be a great choice.

Goodaaa Wireless Bluetooth Microphones

This mic sells for around $40. It adapts to the newest 5.0 Bluetooth technology which means it provides a more stable connection up to 45 ft and has universal compatibility. The microphone has 13mm vibrating diaphragm and HD rendering provides great sound quality a crisp treble. It has a built-in 3000mah rechargeable battery so you can use it for 7 – 8 hours without worry and charge time is only about 1 hour. Aux. Cable included.

The system is Bluetooth compatible with Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, PCs, and TV. It has duet and reverb function and 2 mics can be used with one device. It also has advanced noise reduction technology. It’s a great choice for singing karaoke alone or family and friend fun at parties. The nice round design makes it easy to handle and all the settings are on the front panel.

KaraoKing Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphones

This microphone is a steal at around $20. It’s the perfect inexpensive mic for kids or even adults that want to have a lot of karaoke fun for not a lot of money. It is compatible with USB, Aux 3.55 Cable ( included ), TV, smartphones or any other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The metal filter head reduces noise and dust interference to help you sound your best. It has a 5-watt speaker that delivers a loud, yet crisp and clear sound. It has a 2200mah rechargeable battery and can last for up to 8 hours. It comes with a smartphone holder that attaches right on the microphone for easy display.

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