Led Zeppelin | Whole Lotta Love (vocal, guitars, drums, bass only)

Led Zeppelin’s seminal “Whole Lotta Love” appeared first on their 1969 release Led Zeppelin II. The album was essentially #1 on all worldwide charts shortly after its release, with a couple of #2s thrown in. Guitarist Jimmy Page produced the album and it was recorded at a raft of different studios including Olympic and Morgan Studios in London, A&M, Quantum, Sunset, Mirror Sound, and Mystic Studios in Los Angeles, California, Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, A&R, Juggy Sound, Groove and Mayfair Studios in New York City; and a studio called the “hut” in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

VOCAL only (Robert Plant):

RHYTHM GUITAR only (Jimmy Page):

LEAD GUITAR only (Jimmy Page)–listen to what Page does starting at the 1:54 mark, and solo at 3:15:

DRUMS (John Bonham) starts around :40 mark. Check out the funky vocal utterings at 3:46…:

MISC. PERCUSSION (John Bonham)–starts at 1:30:

BASS (John Paul Jones):

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