How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Band For A Wedding?


The right wedding entertainment can truly make or break the most important day of your life. It is, therefore, very important just the photographer, the dress code, the caterer, and even the venue in which the ceremony will be held. And after the wedding, the entertainment will be among the important things that most of your wedding guests will remember.

Was the band up to the task or were they entirely out of tune? Below we’ve provided some very important information you should consider before deciding on the kind of band you will hire for your big day.

Here is some information on how much it costs to hire a wedding band.

On average a good wedding band charges between $3,200 to $10,000. and more popular celebrity bands and vocalists could cost in excess of 30k.  You will realize that these types of bands have invested highly in their profession and you will learn the majority of them have their own public address, lighting, dress well, and are very organized.

They will spend a good portion of their time rehearsing in order to ensure they grace your occasion and leave the bride and groom’s night as magical as it could have been. The bands understand the kind of music the guests will enjoy and can handle any request with ease in pursuit of ensuring that they provide the desired environment.

How Long Will The Band Perform?

Usually, a band will perform for an hour, followed by a 30-minute break, with a total of 3 hours of music and two breaks. Sometimes this is broken into 45 minutes of music followed by a 15-minute break for a total of four sets. Discuss the scheduling options with the band; they should be able to cater to your specific requests.

However, it is vital to know that no matter how much you have to spend, what the band will cost matters. You will need at least an estimated figure to enable you to choose a band within your budget. After all, why waste your time speaking to a band that charges a $5,000 booking fee, if your price range is more like $500?

Don’t spend your time looking at bands that are above your price range; you will likely end up disappointed as you see all the extras that you cannot afford. Instead, choose the best possible option within your price range. Be sure also to ask when you will need to make payment. If possible, select a band that asks for a deposit upfront, with the remainder due the night of their performance.

Do You Want Them To Perform Specific Songs?

Choose a band that can perform the specific songs that are important to you, but can also be versatile. It doesn’t matter if you only listen to rock and roll or if you listen to a little of everything, your guests may want variety. Therefore, pick a band that is not afraid to wander across genres to suit the tastes of your guests.

You’re unlikely to find a band that does it all, but if you can find one who will happily mix a bit of rock and roll with some country and jazz for good measure, or at least mix a few genres. You’ll have a much better chance of pleasing everybody if you pick a band that’s versatile.

How Many Performers Are There?

Different bands have different numbers for performers and while you can find a band that has four performers, you can also find some that have up to 12 performers. How the band delivers does not necessarily have to do with the number but rather on the cohesiveness, experience, and how much they have rehearsed for the occasion. Consider the following

  • Is the band providing extra types of equipment and is travel cost included?
  • When you purchase services from a live band or DJ, this should (but not always) includes:
  • Live entertainment or a DJ service for weddings for a specific period with the option of extending the time the day of the event if needed.
  • All sound equipment (and lighting – if required).
  • A microphone for announcements and toasts and travel expenses
  • MC (Master of Ceremonies) service.

Some emcees are better than others and you should speak specifically about what announcements you would like to have made: this could help prevent an over-zealous DJ from trying to force the party in a direction you would not like it to go. Most professional wedding bands will include emcee service at your request (introducing the wedding party and co-operating well with your event planner to assist in the overall success of the event).

What Do I Get For The Price?

Ask what is included in the price. For example, does it include everything or will you be expected to provide transportation, lighting, additional equipment, set-up or break-down costs, or even food and lodging? Consider every cost before making a final decision; that inexpensive band might not be the value you think it is! Also, discuss with the band what exactly will happen during your event.

What If A Band Member Can’t Make It?

What are the consequences of someone in the band falling ill or have an unexpected emergency? There are a variety of things that can occur to prevent someone’s appearance at an event, including an accident, sickness, or death. To ensure that your event is not hit with a last-minute glitch, make sure to ask this question.

While it is impossible to stop an unforeseeable event from occurring, you can prepare for the unexpected. Professional and respectable bands have a list of people to fill in for their regular band members – people that regularly rehearse with the band you are hiring and can seamlessly fill the void of the lost band member.

While most bands at least have someone to call in the event of an emergency, they may not always deliver the performance which you were hoping for. Bands that keep reliable backups do tend to charge more for their services. However, no one wants to have an incomplete band on their special night, so it is an investment well worth the added charge.


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