Seven 70’s Rock Bands That Changed The Course of Rock Music Forever


We’ve all heard about bands coming up with new sounds based on equipment malfunctions or electronic innovations in the 70’s and 80’s, such as Funky Town by Lipps Inc. They were one of the first groups to use vocoderized voice (a precursor to the Auto-Tune sound). But they are not rock music and their trend was not based on unique musical talent as the following 7 rock bands that changed the face of rock music into the 1980’s.

Let’s talk about some crazy sounds that will live in our memories forever.



It was shocking, it was in your face and it was a song you could grind and thrash hard to. That rough roar with the unique sounds of AC/DC’s deep heritage in old school rock and roll that came alive. It screamed of deranged sickos who were hitmen that would do anything for the thrill instead of the money.

The entire album was a blast, but there was another song on that album that will live in infamy.

Big Balls!

Most hated it, but people with a palate for heavy metal meets dirty poetry were hooked forever. It was pure and simple sex, drugs and rock and roll.

From that time forward, AC/DC just kept expanding and improving with sounds and lyrics that eventually took the world by storm. They are still rocking to this day.


That distinct sound of KISS, the theater, makeup and costumes of the performances and the wild lyrics based on sex, drugs and rock and roll that tapped into every man, woman and child with a taste for heavy metal.

Kiss was all about the party life as far as their music was concerned, even though two of the original members don’t drink or didn’t do drugs.

Detroit Rock City is an all-time favorite of the band. It was one of a kind rock song that made for some very interesting concerts.

KISS has been active in music since the early 1970’s and has helped other banks that changed rock history, like our next bad on the list.

Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen’s distinct talent, style and sounds, coupled with his extraordinary brother at the drums helped put together songs that blasted Van Halen from complete nobody’s to a rock band that forever changed history.

Van Halen’s early days were songs about rebellion, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The tones were deep and dark, as were some of the lyrics and songs in general. Running with the Devil comes to mind, as well as the more docile Ice Cream Man. The band shot to instant stardom.

But changes were on the horizon. Enter Sammy Hagar.

The band transforms and experiences a new and expanded crowd of loyalists from the change of the music formats and lyrics. They were more about motivation, love and slight amounts of rebellion compared to the time of front man Davide Lee Roth.

The Music under Sammy Hagar was much fuller, softer and more complex, and some of Van Halen’s old school rockers fell off, but overall the bands following increased. Their music has inspired millions and millions that are now in the music industry.



Aerosmith is a rock and roll anomaly that first came to rock god status with “Dream On”, which was released in 73. It shot the band into orbit that has lasted close to 50 years. they are still performing and have had hit after hit, decade after decade.

You would be hardpressed to find people over 30 years old that are not familiar with and love Aerosmith.

Current rock and roll status? Rock Gods!


Rush released their first album in 74 with just 3,500 copies pressed… until WMMS, a rock station in Cleveland, OH. The song “working man” was placed into one of the DJ’s rotation list. The radio station was inundated with calls from listeners asking where they could buy the album or single.

Another historical rock band was born.

The band remained active over 40 plus years until the band recently lost their drummer. Neil Peart was one of the most prolific drummers in history.

We’re not sure as of now if the band will continue to perform absent their friend and drummer, but their decades of music will be cherished and loved for many decades to come.

black sabbath

Black Sabbath

How could this list exist with Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath?

Even though he started much earlier than 1970, their music made a huge impact on rock and roll. They brought us great songs like Iron Man, War Pigs, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

These songs set the stage for not just the records set by Sabbath, but also an Icon of rock and roll that would span more than 5 decades fro the old frontman of Black Sabbath.

They will forever live in rock and roll history.

zz top

ZZ Top

In 1973, “La Grange” and “Tush” were released and because very popular on radio stations across the US. This incredibly unique band with an unusual sound that grinds hard, with a mix of southern rock and the blues had had a monumental impact on the music industry as a whole. They have a sound that is distinctly their own.

Anyone who has ever listed to a few of their songs can easily identify their unique sound. Their band has survived many changes over the decades in music in blues, rock and southern rock, but keep bringing it to the incredible fan base that follows them to this day.

While there are many bands that could have made this list, these bands set the higher marks, had very unique sounds and music, and were outstanding performers.

Their music inspired many of today’s top rock bands, plus many other genres, and their music will play in our hearts for decades to come.


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