Metallica | For Whom The Bell Tolls (multitrack)


“For Whom The Bell Tolls” appeared on Metallica’s 1984 album Ride The Lightning.  The album was recorded at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, with  Metallica, Flemming Rasmussen, and Mark Whitaker producing.  It was the last album to feature writing credits for guitarist Dave Mustaine, who was fired from the band and went on to form Megadeth.  The chromatic introduction to the tune was written by bassist Cliff Burton before he joined the band.  The part (hear it on the isolated bass track below) is sometimes mistaken for electric guitar; but it is actually Burton playing his bass through wah and distortion pedals.

VOCALS only (James Hetfield)–vocal starts at 2:10:

GUITARS only (Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield):

BASS only (Cliff Burton):

DRUMS only (Lars Ulrich):


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