Europe | The Final Countdown (vocal, guitar, keys, bass, drums only, instrumental)


“The Final Countdown” was released in 1986 by Europe and was the title track of the album. It went to #1 in 25 countries and established the band worldwide. The track was recorded at Powerplay Studios in Zürich, Switzerland and Soundtrade Studios in Stockholm, Sweden and produced by John Elson, who had also worked with Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The track stands out well as an instrumental as well as you can hear here.

INSTRUMENTAL (GUITAR: John Norum, KEYS: Mic Michaeli, BASS: John Leven, DRUMS: Ian Haugland):

VOCALS only (Joey Tempest)–starts at :40 mark but enjoy the “countdown” at the beginning:

GUITAR only (John Norum):

KEYS only (Mic Michaeli):

BASS only (John Leven)–starts with key bass, bass guitar starts at :40 mark):

DRUMS only (Ian Haugland):


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