Best Vinyl Turntable On The Market


If you want to get back into playing vinyl records or if you are new to the whole vinyl thing, a simple record player might be all you need. However, if you want a sound system that will really rock you, then choosing a turntable might be a better choice. A turntable can provide you with more audio options oftentimes than a regular record player can.

Even if you already have an old turntable tucked away somewhere, you will really want to consider buying a modern version because the newest turntables can do things that an older one never could. Many new models have Bluetooth technology and USB outputs. Below is a list of some of the best modern turntables on the market today. The prices can vary a great deal, so what you spend can matter in some cases.

Audio–Technica AT-LP120-USB

This turntable sells for about $250. It’s a very good starter turntable for anyone that’s putting together their first audio system or for those that already know what they’re doing as well. It has Direct-drive, DC servo monitor and plays all 3 vinyl sizes, 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. It comes with an adapter for playing 45’s. A great feature is the phono preamp that is built-in.

This product also comes equipped with a USB output. This is nice because it allows you to record your vinyl records if you want to. It has adjustable dynamic anti-skate control and variable pitch control. The S-shaped tonearm is balanced with hydraulically damped lift control and lockable rest. It comes with a detachable RCA output cable, AC adapter, USB cable, felt mat, and a removable hinged dust cover.

Crosley DJ100 Direct Drive

This unit sells for about $145. With a built-in preamp, it makes set up a little easier than with turntables that do not have preamp built-in. It also features RCA and USB outputs. One nice feature you won’t find with other turntables is a removable light that helps you cue tracks in low light or in the dark if you are playing DJ. It has a counterweight and a removable headshell. Anti-skate settings are featured in the S-shaped arm.

With a two-speed direct-drive motor gets the records going quickly and smoothly. It has an adjustable pitch and easy to switch speeds. The Audacity software program is included for converting vinyl to MP3. There might be better, more expensive turntables available, but this one seems to be a good pick for something very affordable for the amateur DJ.

Sony Bluetooth Turntable PSLX310BT

This unit is by Sony and they have been in the sound business for a long time. It’s a great buy at about $199. Even though it is belt-driven, it’s a well-reviewed product. This turntable was made to be heard in full stereo sound. It plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. Not that many average vinyl listeners own or buy 78 RPM so that speed is not likely to be missed.

A great feature is that this model includes Bluetooth technology. More up to date vinyl owners like this. It comes with a high-output, high-performance MM stereo phono cartridge. A USB output is also included which makes it easy to record and backup your vinyl onto a computer. A hinged dust cover is also included to help keep the unit clean.

Denon – DP-300F Automatic Turntable

This unit sells for about $240. It’s ready to plug into your audio system’s AUX input with a built-in preamp. It has a classic design in a black finish. The Denon cartridge is pre-mounted on a removable headshell. It can easily be upgraded if you wish.

It has an adjustable tonearm that fine-tunes weight and it’s anti-skating. It has an automatic operation which means the start/stop buttons control the tonearm and motor. The tonearm returns by itself at the end of the record and stops the motor. It plays 33 1/3 and 45 vinyl records.

Audio – Technica ATLP1240USBXP Professional DJ Turntables

If you are really experienced with audio equipment and want to dig deeper into your wallet, then paying $499 for this unit might not be too painful for you. Although it’s made for professionals, that shouldn’t stop you from wanting a great piece of equipment to play your vinyl records on.

It has a sleek design in a black finish. The turntable is die-cast aluminum which automatically makes it a cut above plastic turntables. It comes with a built0in preamp, but it can be switched off if you would like to use a different one. The size is 332mm diameter. It comes with a USB output so you can easily convert your vinyl music to digital if you want to. It has a 16-pole, 3 phase, brushless DC motor. It is a Direct Drive. It plays all 3 vinyl sizes, 33 1/3, 45, and 78. Fully manual operation.


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