Best Soundbars In 2020


Gone are the days when people are satisfied with the mediocre sound that they get from their TV speakers and hand-held music devices. A tablet or a home computer with small speakers just can’t deliver the big sound quality and volume that most people want to hear. In the past, the best solution was to add a fancy surround sound system to your TV that could take up a lot of space and be somewhat complicated to get set up for most people. You bought the best speakers you could find for your home computer to get the extra volume you wanted when using it to play music. However, in recent years the soundbar has become a great alternative that can be used with almost all of these electronic items.

What Is A Soundbar?

A soundbar is generally a simple speaker that is powered. It is self-amplified and you can place it below or above your TV. A soundbar will recreate the surround sound effect by using an acoustic design. It targets the sound and bounces it off of the walls in the room it is in. Soundbars can be purchased in a wide range of prices and they are usually easy to install and get going. While a soundbar will not be as great as having that fancy surround sound system, a good soundbar will be more than enough for the average person.

A soundbar is usually a long and slender single speaker. Most soundbars are usually about the same length as your TV. Soundbars contain a variety of speaker drivers. It is the width of the soundbar that creates the simulation of a surround sound system. A soundbar has the amplifier built directly in the speaker itself instead of being separate. This means the soundbar will have power cables included.

If you invest in a good soundbar, it will likely include a subwoofer. It can be connected to the main speaker with wires or it can connect wirelessly, depending on which type you buy. If you buy a soundbar that does not come with a remote, then you will have to rely on your TV or Blu-ray player to adjust the level of volume. It’s better to purchase a soundbar that comes with a remote so you can adjust the speaker volumes separately.

Differences Between Passive And Active Soundbars

If you want a soundbar system where the speakers, amplifier, and the processing equipment contained in one system, then you need to choose an active soundbar. This means you will have a simpler setup and a more streamlined look. If you had rather use a soundbar that requires external amplification, then you will purchase a passive soundbar system. You will need a separate amplifier or AV receiver connected by speaker wires. A passive soundbar system will mean there is much more setup involved, but you will get a crisper sound and the ability to connect to more sources. A passive soundbar might be a little harder to find today.

Soundbars With Bluetooth

When you have a soundbar that has Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to play music directly from your smartphone or your tablet, and you will be able to stream music from your home computer. Pairing the soundbar to other devices is pretty easy and that is nice to those that aren’t particularly technologically savvy. Of course, other connectivity options will include HDMI, RCA, and 3.5mm stereo.

Best Soundbars Selling Now

It’s always good to shop around and look at numerous options before you choose any electronic product. Soundbars are not different since there are many different ones. Check out the list below of some of the best selling soundbars right now!

TaoTronics Computer Speaker

If you are looking for a soundbar just for your home computer, tablet, game console, or smartphone, then this might be perfect for you. It is a smaller soundbar, but great for those purposes. It’s very affordable at about $50. You will get stereo sound with boosted bass from 6 drivers that cover a full range of frequencies. It has dual connectivity so you can switch between AUX mode with a cable or Bluetooth mode.

It adopts Bluetooth 5.0 chip that allows a transmission range of up to 50 feet wirelessly. You can control all of the functions from a simple knob where you can adjust the volume, pair Bluetooth devices. It also allows you to pause and play your music and even answer calls hands-free when in Bluetooth mode. If you connect the soundbar to your computer with a USB charging cord, it will automatically turn on when your computer starts up.

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Bestisan Soundbar

This soundbar sells for about $70. It is 28 inches long and weighs a bit over 5 pounds. It comes with a high-sensitivity remote control that displays different modes with different color LED lights. It’s very easy to use and to operate. It works great with smart TVs and other devices that use Bluetooth technology. With Dsp technology, you can choose between three sound choices for movies, news, or music, depending on which one you are watching or listening to. You can control both bass and treble.

With the 5.0 wireless Bluetooth transmission, it means you have anti-interference with less signal loss. The 360-degree sound coverage allows you to enjoy all of the great sounds you can handle. Connects easily to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles. It Alos connects with AUX cable as well. This sidebar can be mounted to a wall.

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Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

This Bose single soundbar sells for about $179. It will provide great quality of sound that your TV speakers alone can’t deliver. It has dialogue mode so you can hear every word and detail no matter if you are watching TV, playing a video game, or listening to music. You can connect to your TV through Aux or you can use the Bluetooth technology to easily connect to your devices like your smartphone, game console, tablet, or home computer. It comes with a universal remote that lets you control your TV, bass, Bluetooth, and more all at your fingertips.

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Bose TV Speaker – Small Soundbar

This Bose TV soundbar sells for about $250. It is almost 24 inches long. This soundbar will be a great addition to your TV if you want better sounds with better speech clarification. The soundbar sets up simply via an optical audio cable, which is included, or via HDMI cable which is not included. It can be mounted to the wall, but that is sold separately.

The soundbar also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it to connect to your smartphone, game console, tablet, or computer. It will make any listening experience better. You can also expand the soundbar by adding the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700, but this requires the Bose Bass Module Connection Cable or any standard 3.5 mm audio cable. A remote is included that you can use to boost the bass and enhance speech using the dialogue mode.

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BYL TV Soundbar

This is an affordable soundbar that sells for about $99. This soundbar system can be used wired or wireless. You can get a powerful bass sound from the wired subwoofer that is fully adjustable. Enjoy a great listening experience form your TV shows, movies, games, and music.

Easily connect the 5.0 Bluetooth & DSP technology to all of your Bluetooth devices like your smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles. You will get a faster transmission speed and stable connectivity.

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