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There is no doubt that Bluetooth technology has become a valuable tool for many people. One of the most popular uses for Bluetooth is the ability to use a Bluetooth earpiece so it is not necessary to hold a cell phone to your ear. Many people now use Bluetooth technology in their homes, offices, automobiles.

Bluetooth devices can communicate with each other wirelessly. It works with short-range radio waves and usually has a maximum reach of 30 feet (10 meters). Some devices are more high-powered with longer ranges. Bluetooth devices only need to be in the same area with each other to work together, unlike devices like remote controls that require a direct line of sight to work. Many devices that come with Bluetooth technology today like smartphones, laptops, tablets, home computers, and more. Another Bluetooth product that has become very popular is car stereos.

How Bluetooth Car Stereos Work With Cell Phones

When you have two or more Bluetooth devices that are paired with each other they form a small network called a piconet, or a personal area network abbreviated as PAN. There is usually no more than eight electronic devices connected to a mini-network at a time. The devices are guided by Bluetooth connection protocols and standards. This is how the exchanges of the devices are unified.

One of the most popular aspects of Bluetooth car stereo is its ability to integrate with Bluetooth enabled cell phones. The interaction achieved between these two Bluetooth devices is a very nice advantage for the car driver. Of course, how much the two devices can do between each other will depend on which model each of them is.

With some models, you might even be able to answer your cell phone with just a button click on the car stereo and not even have to touch your phone at all. In some cases, you might be able to hear your phone through the auto speakers. It can be possible to view certain information that is contained in your cell phone on the screen of the car stereo such as your phone’s address book and other contacts.

If your cell phone rings with an incoming call, the speakers may automatically reduce the volume of your music you might be listening to so you can hear your call. When you are finished with the call, the speakers can resume the previous volume and music.

Having this kind of technology at your fingertips inside your vehicle is a great advantage for those that must take and receive calls as they drive. With new laws prohibiting holding your cell phone in so many states these days, it is almost impossible for some to pull off the road to make a call or receive a call. Having a Bluetooth car stereo installed can help a driver immensely.

Other Capabilities Of Bluetooth Car Stereos

The environment inside a vehicle can be tremendously enhanced by the right Bluetooth car stereo system. Other than working great with a Bluetooth cell phone, many of these stereo systems offer even greater options when you use other Bluetooth devices If you have an iPod or MP3 player or like to listen to satellite radio without a bunch of wires, transmitters can be used to stream that music straight to the car stereo.

If you want to get even fancier with what your Bluetooth stereo is capable of, you might want to choose a model that offers an LCD screen that can display full-color video, but usually is not enabled if the vehicle is moving. However, for anyone else in the vehicle besides the driver that may want to enjoy a movie or video, many Bluetooth-enabled car stereos may come with hook-ups you need to create a mobile entertainment center. You can also get connections for other devices such as GPS navigators and USB flash drives.

How To Choose A Bluetooth Car Stereo

Just because you may own an older vehicle that did not come equipped with a Bluetooth car stereo system, that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase a specific or a universal adapter and have one installed. If you buy a specific adapter, you are likely to have a broader range of capabilities, while a universal adapter may only offer limited capabilities.

Here is another thing to think about when buying a Bluetooth car stereo, some features in your vehicle that already work through your car speakers might create a problem. Things like a climate control system or other features might need to be taken out.

If you are not a highly technically inclined person, you want to be sure you have the ability to operate the system that you buy easily. Some can be fairly complicated, so only buy a system with the features you want or need. You want to be able to keep your hand free as much as possible and with a system that is too complicated for you, it might mean you are touching and playing with it more than you should. You don’t want to be fiddling with it as you are driving.

It is probably a good idea to have the system professionally installed unless you are the type of person that can understand these types of devices easily. Even if you are installing a complicated Bluetooth stereo system for a car, it could be difficult. Let the pros handle it and you stand a better chance of all of the features working correctly.

Best Bluetooth Car Stereos On The Market Now:

Pioneer FH – X730BS

Pioneer has been a well-trusted name in audio equipment for many years and this Bluetooth stereo system sells for about $289.95. The Double-Din-Dash Cd digital music player with Mixtrax. This unit comes with built-in Bluetooth technology. It will allow for both hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming. It is compatible with Pioneer ARC App. It works with Spotify and Pandora. It is Serius XM – ready. It comes with 3 RCA preouts (2V).

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This ATOTO system sells for about $169.90. It is Double-Din for Android cell phones. This unit performs from the widely used and very stable Android Marshmallow OS. It is deeply customized and also optimized so that it will perform much better in automobiles. It has many automobile-based features that include FM/AM radio, AUX/Backup camera input, as well as Bluetooth and steering wheel control. However, there is no CD or DVD players.

Other features include factory steering wheel control, which is abbreviated as SWC. Signal input only, WiFi reception, and built-in microphone. Dual Bluetooth works as BT call/A2DP playback. It connects to your phones BT tethering network. It will connect to BT gamepad and mouse/OBD. It comes with Google Maps pre-installed with the ability to download offline map data to use as navigation without the internet. You will have unlimited micro USB drive/Micro SD storage support. This system has a fast booting frame which means you can start your vehicle and accesses the system in just a few seconds.

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This in-dash receiver has a digital Bluetooth receiver for iPhone and Android with USB. It sells for about $59.95, with a power output peak of 50 watts x 4 channels. Rms: 22 watts x 4 channels. It has Va LCD and Spanish text display. Via USB, an MP3 ID3 tag display identifies title/artist/album. Am/FM tuner has 18FM/6AM presets. With this unit the remote control is sold separately.
Playback and audio features include MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC playback via USB. Access Pandora, Spotify, or iHeart radio control through Bluetooth for Android devices. You can see the name of your incoming caller and access the contact list of your cell phone. It includes external microphone so you can have a clear and distortion-free talking experience. The maximum communication range is approximately 32.8 feet within the line of sight.

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Pioneer MVH-S310BT

For about $102.95, this is a system that includes built-in Bluetooth capabilities for Android phones. Pioneer is a very reputable source for audio in vehicles and home stereophonic as well. It will work with both Pandora and Spotify, which are 2 of the most popular streaming music options available today. It has a USB auto-switch feature. The display type is Tft LCD. Media type is MP3 and CD+R.

The unit does not include a CD player, but the instructions are easy to follow. It has been reviewed as having a very good quality of sound and performance. It seems to be a great unit for the price! If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this could be a choice to look into.

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