Top 10 Vocal-Only Tracks Of All Time

vocal mic silhouette by dave kobrehel

Here are the Top 10 vocal-only tracks of all time, ranked by number of views from over 300,000 site visitors over the last three years:


Guns ‘n Roses | Welcome To The Jungle (multitrack)

Axl in a rasping, ranting performance that put G’N R on the map.

Foo Fighters | Everlong (multitrack)

Dave Grohl making good after Nirvana.  Who knew this “quiet” drummer had so much to offer?

Led Zeppelin | Whole Lotta Love (vocal, guitars, drums, bass only)

Rock owes a lot to Mr. Robert Plant, here in his prime.

Van Halen | Runnin’ With The Devil (David Lee Roth vocal only)

Now you can hear what Dave is really doing on this track.  And it’s a lot…

Led Zeppelin | Ramble On (multitrack)

Yep, The Voice at its soaring, piercing peak in 1969.


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