Duran Duran | Hungry Like The Wolf (multitrack)

The Duran Duran track “Hungry Like The Wolf” was released in 1982 by the British New Wave artists and appeared on the group’s second album Rio.  The track was produced by Colin Thurston and, according to guitarist Andy Taylor, it came about when they joined together a Roland TR-808 drum machine with the sequencer/arppegiator in a Roland Jupiter-8 keyboard.  The tune became a top 10 hit in many countries and its success was fueled by massively popular music video clip which went into heavy rotation on the quite new MTV.

VOCAL only (Simon LeBon):

GUITAR only (Andy Taylor):

BASS only (John Taylor):

DRUMS only (Roger Taylor, not to be mistaken with Roger Taylor of Queen):

KEYBOARDS/SYNTH LOOPS plus VOCALS (Nick Rhodes, Simon LeBon) only:

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